Cynetic begin with CS:GO!

Cynetic begin with CS:GO!

Sep 07 xnick3lz  

With only one wish, begining a new member of the semi-pro and pro eSport field, Cynetic became to find players to represent the structure in different tournaments.

After weeks of searching, it’s a Line Up, previouly named Bastion Gaming, that will join Cynetic as the official Line Up of the Organisation.

With MaRt1Ns as leader of the group, the team will make every possible things to win their first tournament as Cynetic, the Ecto Season 3 : Main Event! Their first match is on Friday 8th September and they will face their first opponents, Gallico Aquilae eSport! The only thing we hope for them is to win their first match to have a very big chance to finish to playoffs!


You will be able to find the players and their matches directly on the Toornament Link! 


Cynetic Line up for this tournament :

  • MaRt1Ns (cpt.)
  • Canevo
  • Ed
  • Nickname
  • Manytriple
  • W0z1 (Stand In)

Good Luck boys!

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