Cynetic CS:GO enter into ESEA Open Season 26!

Cynetic CS:GO enter into ESEA Open Season 26!

Sep 27 xnick3lz  

A new league for a single objective, finishing into the top teams! The goal? Finishing into the intermediate League!

From September 28th, the CS:GO Cynetic Division will compete into the famous ESEA Open League, begining with 3 matches :


Cynetic vs. Last Try (Map : Cobblestone – Date : 28th september 9PM)

Cynetic vs. Buteo eSport (Map : Cobblestone – Date : 29th september 9PM)

Cynetic vs. Looking-for-Org (Map : Inferno – Date : 2nd october 8:30PM)


A 4th match against the English team of Crosshare is basically scheduled for the 5th october at 8:30PM but as it’s not the definitive schedule yet, we will update you through our social media!


The Lineup for the following event will be :


MaRt1Ns (Cp.)






We wish them all good luck for the league!

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