Overwatch – The best Secret Santa?

Overwatch – The best Secret Santa?

Dec 27 waaahlers  


Blizzard’s Overwatch sure delivered for Christmas this year.

To start, all players of the highly competitive game can receive 5 free Winter Loot Boxes for Christmas until the New Year – just for logging in! Did we mention that this is free? This token of appreciation from Blizzard is met with high praise and we were surely excited about this surprise. While many of us still did not win the game of chance that loot boxes so appetizingly places in our game, the act itself still fits with the holiday spirit. We’re just praying that next time we get that legendary Pharah frosted skin. *fingers crossed*

Another major event that took place for Christmas in the Overwatch universe was this Jeff Kaplan Yule log stream. It was amazing and at the same time, 10 hours. You read that right. 10 HOURS. For those content junkies among us, this was the cherry on top of an amazing Christmas. Being able to sit and watch Jeff Kaplan talk Overwatch, consider cookies, and have his head booped by the overhead boom mic were only the highlights to this half entertaining, half relaxing 10-hour stream.

With over 35 million players worldwide, Overwatch has a high bar to reach – and it seems to still be climbing past it. We can’t wait to see what the new year brings with this game. Stay tuned!

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